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FeelingBetterNow® focuses 
exclusively on mental health care.

No less than 79 percent of long-term disability claims in Canada are mental health-related, according to the Mood Disorders Society of Canada. In fact, mental health related productivity loss through absenteeism, presenteeism and turnover cost Canadian employers $6 billion in 2011. Our exclusive focus on early identification and action on mental health in the workplace helps your employees stay productive and get the right care at the right time.

Assessments alone do not impact outcomes.

DSM-5 assessment links users to an immediate personalized action plan covering all domains of care: self-help, psychological and medical.

A Robust Toolbox of Self-Care Resources to improve your Mental Health

If assessment responses suggest a problem with depression the individual receives evidence-based tools specific to depression that have been curated by our Clinical Advisory Board.

The user can use these tools to practice good mental health in that critical time between appointments with a care provider.

FBN provides an immediate Collaborative Care Action Plan for the identified problem and risk level.

If the assessment responses suggest a problem with depression the individual receives an evidence-based plan specific to treating depression that they can share with their counsellor, social worker, psychologist or physician. The Care Plan includes:

  • Psychotherapy options
  • Books and workbooks
  • Guided online therapy
  • Tips for collaborative care

Recommendations for medication options for users assessed to be at high-risk.

Our customization makes you feel FBN 
was designed for your organization.

  • Action Plan includes and highlights your existing wellness, EAP and prevention initiatives.
  • Flexible design gives you options to incorporate your logo, brand and images of your organization.
  • Reporting gives you access to a wide variety of metrics for any group, region or division in your organization.

FBN integrates all domains of care: 
Self-Help, Psychosocial and Medical.

Spanning the entire mental health care continuum, FeelingBetterNow® generates opportunities to integrate silos of care and effectively triages users to the right place at the right time.