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Consumption and Treatment Services replaces Overdose Prevention Sites in Ontario

Nov 05
Recent data shows that the opioids continue to claim lives in Ontario. Opioid related deaths have increased from 856 cases in 2016 to 1261 deaths in 2017, which is an average of 3 people per day in the province. Last month, the Ontario government announced that Overdose Prevention Sites will be replaced by “Consumption and Treatment Services,” with a new application process and standards.

The Consumption and Treatment Services sites will continue to offer life-saving overdose prevention and harm-reduction services. In addition, there will be enforcement and audit protocols, and a focus on connecting individuals to treatment services. The Government of Ontario will also create more withdrawal management services in high-need communities to improve access to addiction treatment services.

Mensante is proud to provide hundreds of thousands of users with a diagnostic tool that can detect signs of substance abuse and lead the users to helpful support services, potentially saving their lives.

Full Article Link: http://Ontario.cmha.ca/news/overdose-prevention-sites-will-remain-open-in-Ontario

Dr. Sam Ozersky, MD

Sam is Mensante's founder and CEO. He speaks and writes extensively about the critical relationship between mental health and the workplace.