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March 2016

Workplace Stress Management Made Easy with FeelingBetterNow

Mar 28
Stress at work may be one of the few guarantees in life, aside from death and taxes. A 2010 survey found that over 1 in 4 people (that’s 3.7 million Canadians), considered most days to be ‘quite a bit’ or ‘highly stressful’, with the majority attributing work issues as the leading cause. Teachers unfortunately are not exempt; data from the Ontario College of Teachers in 2015 indicated that nearly 2 in 5 early-career teachers are concerned about job security, and 1 in 5 did not find their workload to be manageable. Stressful working conditions are also the second most commonly cited reason for leaving the teaching profession, according to a 2005 survey (source: Professionally Speaking, June 2006).