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July 2016

Ontario Government Addresses PTSD Among First Responders

Jul 13
Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a psychiatric disorder that can arise following the experience or witnessing of a disturbing or distressing event. People who suffer from PTSD can experience mental, emotional, and physical stresses that become highly debilitating and impair the person’s ability to function in social or family life.

Among Canadians, the prevalence of PTSD is about 10% Canadians over the course of their lifetime. Across Canadian First-Responders, this rate doubles to 22% (Center for Suicide Prevention, 2015). This year alone, Canada has seen 8 tragic deaths across first-responders. Four paramedics and four police officers have died of suicide across Canada – and these are the ones we know about.

In April 2016, The Ontario Government responded by amending the Workplace...