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February 2018

Mental Health and Nutrition

Feb 15
Mental Health and Nutrition There’s no denying the brain is the epicentre of our operations. That being said, the brain takes up about 20% of your daily calorie intake (around 300 calories) just from thinking and keeping the rest of the body working!
To keep your brain working well, it follows that the food we eat and the quality of the food we eat can affect how the brain works. Just like a top of the line luxury car that cranks and groans if you don’t give it premium gas, your brain can also suffer if the only fuel it gets is low quality junk food.

Studies have shown that your gut bacteria, the microbiome that live in the intestines, have a strong influence in your health. Some studies show that when people take probiotics (supplements or food that contain good bacteria), their anxiety levels, perception of stress, and mental...