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August 2017

National Institutes of Health Study on PTSD using Biometrics

Aug 08
“Although many people have heard of post-traumatic conditions such as posttraumatic stress (PTS), post-concussion syndrome, and depression, the onset and progression of these disorders remain poorly understood,” Verily Mental Health Data Lead Menachem Fromer and Dr. Sam McLean, director of the Institute for Trauma Recovery at University of North Carolina, wrote in a blog post on Verily’s website.

Critical gaps in the understanding of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) still hinders our ability to fully support those who have gone through a traumatic experience such as assault survivors, service men and women, and combat veterans. In an ambitious study of PTSD, the University of North Carolina is working together with Google’s Verily Life Science and MindStrong on the Aurora Study, funded by $21...