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Our Story

FeelingBetterNow Timeline


The College of Family Physicians of Canada has reviewed and approved FeelingBetterNow® as a practice management tool available to assist family physicians in patient care.


FBN launches with TD Bank Group


FBN receives Community Based Physician Innovation Award


Mensante Joins Innovation Incubator MaRS


Mensante included in IDC HealthcareTop 10 List


600,000 lives covered


FBN complies with National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace Guidelines


1,000,000 lives covered


DSM-5 Guidelines Released


DSM-5 Compliant FBN Launches


The Mental Health Commission of Canada provides letter of excellence of FBN as a made-in-Canada innovative tool improving mental health in the workplace


FeelingBetterNow(R) qualifies as 1 of 3 OTN Vendor of Records

The Call to Action

Toronto psychiatrist and founder and CEO of Mensante Corporation, Dr. Sam Ozersky, MD frequently saw patients many months or even years after the initial onset of their symptoms. A significant percentage of these patients had not sought treatment, and of those who had, many had not received effective psychotherapy, accurate diagnosis or correct medication.

Dr. Ozersky and his colleagues realized that rather than have physicians treating patients at the acute care phase, earlier intervention and adherence to simple, evidence-based treatments would have resulted in much better outcomes at a far lower financial and human cost.

Out of that realization, FeelingBetterNow® was born.

The Innovation

FeelingBetterNow.com was created to help individuals get the right care at the right place at the right time. Symptoms needed to be identified earlier. Care needed to be made more available. Changes had to be made to achieve best practice care.

The innovation began with making FeelingBetterNow® a web-based platform for mental health management and delivery. FeelingBetterNow.com launched in 2006 and was inexpensive, scalable, and available anywhere at any time, to anyone. Importantly, users could access it anonymously — without fear and without stigma — and they could do so early.

Further innovation was needed to achieve best practice care. Education and assessment alone do not change outcomes — there has to be a connection between the assessment and an immediate plan of action. To achieve this, Dr. Ozersky and the FBN team developed algorithms to determine an individual’s risk levels and create simple, actionable care plans based on proven clinical guidelines.

Award-winning and internationally recognized

In 2005, the College of Family Physicians of Canada reviewed and approved FeelingBetterNow® as a practice management tool available to assist physicians in patient care.

In 2008, Dr. Ozersky received the Physician Innovation Award from COACH, Canada’s Health Informatics Association.

FBN’s success is measured by our coverage of over 1 million Canadians and its 90% renewal rate of customers including insurers, employers, member associations, hospitals, colleges and universities.

FeelingBetterNow® In 2015 And Beyond
Staying Responsive To Needs of Individuals and Customers

After a decade of working with organizations large and small, we have a good idea of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to effective mental health management and delivery. Out of this knowledge, and building on excellence, a new version of FBN was born. FBN now optimizes early identification and care through its enhanced educational component, a more robust self-help plan, a new component for supporting others and inclusion of the psychosocial domain of counsellors, social workers and psychologists. We put it all together within a streamlined user experience that is available on your desktop, tablet and smartphone.

For further details, please see our Features page

Mensante is committed to leadership and innovation in mental health care. FBN is a dynamic tool, which will continue to reflect user and customer feedback, new media and technology opportunities and the growing body of scientific knowledge.