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Toronto Innovation Incubator MaRS talks FeelingBetterNow(R)

  • Toronto, ON
Toronto-based social and healthcare innovation incubator MaRS highlights the re-designed FeelingBetterNow(R) in its blog about disruptive healthcare technologies. As noted by Dr. Martin Sumner Smith of MaRS Health Venture Services, "The company redesigned FBN so that it could be used directly by people seeking a validated and confidential initial mental health assessment. In addition to its assessment results, FBN also offers users a tailored action plan of recommendations, links to support resources (tailored to the employees of a given organization) and additional tools organized in a toolbox." The full article is available at this link: https://www.marsdd.com/news-and-insights/toronto-company-take-stigma-out-of-mental-health-in-workplace/

FeelingBetterNow(R) helps support individuals and their family members address the stigma of mental health challenges by confidentially assessing their risks, providing simple, actionable guidelines for care, and connecting them to support resources within their organization or local community. FeelingBetterNow(R) is available to over a million Canadians through their employer or student benefits plans, and can be customized according to the needs of the sponsoring organization. For more information about how FeelingBetterNow(R) can help your organization, visit www.feelingbetternow.com

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